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Presenting easy access to the most frequently sought after Florida plant, garden and landscape information. Features on landscaping and landscape design along with various aspects of Florida ecology and natural habitats edited for usefulness to teachers, students, commercial property and homeowners, nursery growers, lawn men, tourists, and people everywhere with an interest in plants. Thousands of articles, posts, horticultural fact sheets, landscape plans and images are provided. The content is family safe and there are no google ads or annoying advertisements on this website. So, hey! Why not plant a plant today?

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We are currently simplifying our content access system, updating all outgoing links to 2015, updating environmental resources, and adding new Florida environment, landscape, garden and horticulture articles. We are eliminating some extraneous features- Leigh is ploughing through this massive effort stolidly, so please excuse the dust during the overhaul.

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