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Leigh's Links -- October 1998

October 26, 1998- Vegetation of Mt. Field National Park and the South-West Tasmania Wilderness Area

Professors at the University of Tasmania have collaborated on this outstanding presentation of The Flora of Mt. Field National Park, organized either by community type, a list of genera, or by  families of monocots, dicots, gymnosperms, and ferns and bryophytes. The images are excellent, and linked for cross-referencing habitats, families, and species. Highly useful for a number of courses in diversity, ecology, and phytogeography, specialists in the Myrtaceae especially will not want to miss this site by Robert Wilshire and associates, University of Tasmania Department of Plant Sciences, Australia.(****)LF

October 23, 1998- Andean Botanical Information System (ABIS)

This database provides floristic and taxonomic information for plants and habitats of Chile and Peru through a collaborating staff of Field Museum administrators, curators, and other professional participants. The project includes study of coastal and montane regions, with selected monographic treatments and online images. Much of the work is based on J. Francis MacBride's Flora of Peru, initiated in 1936. ABIS is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the Andean flora, through the site's general categories "Environments" and "Plant Families," with detailed sections on Asteraceae in Peru, Bromeliaceae, Griseliniaceae, and Solanaceae. Site by The Museum Informatics Project, University of California, Berkeley.(****)LF