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Scirpus Linnaeus
Cyperaceae: Sedge Family

Terminal inflorescence

Florida Distribution Map
Description: Annual or perennial caulescent or scapose herbs
Native: Yes
Habitat: Wetlands


Habitat description (FEIS) :
Scirpus americanus
Scirpus robustus


The Alkali (Scirpus Maritimus L.) and Saltmarsh (S. Robustus Pursh) Bulrushes: A Literature Review
Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas
Constructed Wetlands
Cyperaceae Newsletter 14: Recent publications in Cyperology
Ricefield bulrush, Scirpus mucronatus
Scirpus longii
Seedman Seed Source
Threatened and Endangered Species in the Northeastern United States List
Scirpus validus in Artificial Wetlands
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Candidate Listings: Cyperaceae


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