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The Art of South Florida GardeningThe Art of South Florida Gardening
by Harold Songdahl

Sure you can grow an avocado tree from an avocado pit (and a mango tree from a mango pit). Don't bother rooting it on the windowsill first, put it right into the ground or in a pot of soil. You may have to wait as long as fourteen years for fruit (then again you might not) and the fruit may not be an exact copy of the fruit you got the pit from (but then again, it might just turn out to be better). Harold's neighbor planted the pit from one of Harold's avocados. It bore fruit in three years and was, Harold attests, the most delicious avocado he ever tasted.

Florida gardeners from Key West to Lake Okeechobee and on up the coasts to Cape Canaveral and Tampa Bay know that gardening advice for the rest of the country just doesn't apply to them.

South Florida gardening is unique, and The Art of South Florida Gardening is uniquely intended for south Florida gardeners.

Author Harold Songdahl is a respected horticulturist who has planted, grown, transplanted, and propagated just about every kind of plant that grows in south Florida, experimented with hopeful newcomers, and accumulated first-hand knowledge and experience along the way. He and co-author Coralee Leon have produced and indispensable resource, full of real information, practical advice, and hands-on guidance never before assembled in a book exclusively for south Florida gardeners. Whether you're an old hand or a south Florida newcomer -- and even if you've never before considered getting your hands dirty, Harold's warm, wise voice is always encouraging and enthusiastic, and Coralee's lively, engaging prose will have you reading as much for pleasure as for solid information.

Softcover $14.95 ISBN 1-56164-088-3 Size: 6 x 9 264 Pages 200 line drawings

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