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Florida's Best Fruiting Plants  Charles R. BoningFlorida's Best Fruiting Plants

Charles R Boning

Paperback $19.95 ISBN: 1-56164-372-6 Size: 7 x 10 232 Pages full color throughout

You can turn your Florida yard into a beautiful cornucopia of delicious fruit. This fully illustrated book profiles 80 native and non-native trees, shrubs, and vines ranging from the familiar, such as the strawberry and orange, to the obscure, such as the grumichama and jaboticaba. You can grow many of the world’s best-tasting fruits in Florida’s subtropical environment. Learn how from Charles Boning’s years of experience and expertise.

In addition to up-to-date information about the attributes, care, and use of each species, each account has a range map, fruiting calendar, and selection criteria—all presented in a highly accessible format. Relatives of the featured plants are covered, so the book actually describes many more than 80 plants. Many of these plants are attractive in the landscape, adding color with flowers and fruit. The author is an accomplished botanical illustrator and provides a color illustration for each plant, along with many photos.

A partial list of the fruiting plants: Ambarella, Atemoya, Avocado, Bael Fruit, Banana, Barbados Cherry, Canistel, Carambola, Carissa, Chestnut, Cocoplum, Custard Apple, Darling Plum, Fig, Guava, Imbe, Jaboticaba, Jackfruit, Kiwifruit, Kumquat, Loquat, Lychee, Macadamia, Mamey Sapote, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Pawpaw, Persimmon, Pineapple, Pitaya, Pomegranate, Tamarind.

Charles Boning is a naturalist, illustrator, and attorney, who has authored numerous books for the national education market. He has resided in north, central, and south Florida and is familiar with plants that succeed in each region. Within his own garden he has cultivated and tested nearly all of the species profiled within these pages. This book represents the culmination of a decades-long hobby.

Paperback $19.95 ISBN: 1-56164-372-6 Size: 7 x 10 232 Pages full color throughout

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