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Conflict of InterestConflict of Interest

Terry Lewis

Ted Stevens is a capable, respected trial attorney whose drinking problem and pending divorce have sent him on a downward slide. His appointment as defense counsel in a high-profile murder case seems to offer a chance at redemption.

This opportunity, however, is not without risks. The victim — a local newspaper reporter known for her loose lifestyle and her willingness to take risks to get a story — was not only a former client but his secret lover as well. Ted must choose between concealing evidence that would be helpful to his client or revealing it, thereby becoming a suspect himself.

As the case progresses toward trial, Ted’s personal and professional life begins to unravel, and he becomes more and more reckless in his efforts to keep suspicion away from himself. The stakes are raised when an anonymous caller informs Ted that his secret has been discovered. Ted and his blackmailer begin a cat-and-mouse game that puts Ted further and further in jeopardy. When it appears that he is about to be exposed, Ted must face his own self-doubts and take one last desperate gamble.

"Gripping, taut courtroom procedural. . . . Writing in prose that is both straightforward and resonant, Lewis clearly knows his legal and geographic territory. Better, he knows how to render a world filled with both evil and compassion. This well-crafted drama rings with authenticity all the way to its heart-stopping conclusion." -- Publishers Weekly

"The tension in the plot keeps a reader following to a surprising conclusion. Lewis, a real-life trial judge, might have to choose between two successful careers." -- St. Petersburg Times

Terry Lewis grew up in north Florida. He is a trial judge in Tallahassee, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Much of his spare time is devoted to law-related education, both for active judges through the Florida Judicial College and the College of Advanced Judicial Studies and for school children through programs like Teen Court and Mock Trial Competition. This is his first novel.

Hardbound 18.95 ISBN 1-56164-132-4 Size: 6 x 9 336 Pages

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