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100 Orchids for Florida Jack Kramer100 Orchids for Florida

Jack Kramer

Paperback $16.95 ISBN: 1-56164-367-X Size: 6 x 9 120 Pages Full Color

Throughout Here are 100 beautiful orchids that you can grow in Florida. These orchids were chosen for their beauty, ease of cultivation, and suitability to Florida’s climate. Whether you are an old hand at growing orchids or are a beginner anxious to try it, you will find help here choosing the plants that will work for you, as well as help on how best to make them prosper.

First you will learn about the structure of orchids; how they are named; and how to pot, water, feed, ventilate, and protect them from weather and insects. You will find you can grow them inside and outside in Florida, and some even in the ground as part of the landscape.

Then you will be introduced to 100 fabulous orchids that are well-suited to Florida, including Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopses, Vandas, and lesser known ones like Brassias, Brassavolas, Stanhopeas, Trichopilias, and others. And you’ll encounter eight beautiful miniatures.

You’ll find answers to commonly asked questions, lists of suppliers, and a handy reference chart to plant size, flower color, bloom size, bloom time, and exposure.

Jack Kramer has been growing and writing about orchids for over a half century. He is the author of Growing Orchids at Your Windows, Rare Orchids You Can Grow, Botanical Orchids, A Passion For Orchids, The World Wildlife Fund Book of Orchids, and Growing Orchids in the South. This book, like his others, is based on personal experience with each plant. He now lives and tends his beautiful orchid collection in Naples, Florida.

Paperback $16.95 ISBN: 1-56164-367-X Size: 6 x 9 120 Pages Full Color Throughout

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