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The Trees of Florida Gil Nelson

The Trees of Florida
A Reference and Field Guide

Gil Nelson

Hardback $29.95; ISBN: 1-56164-053-0 Size: 6 x 9; 338 Pages; 170 line drawings
150 color photos

Paperback $19.95; ISBN: 1-56164-055-7; Size: 6 x 9; 338 Pages; 170 line drawings; 150 color photos

This book is the first comprehensive guide to Florida's amazing variety of tree species: from scrub oak on the high central ridges to mangroves stretching along the southern coasts, from mighty live oaks to the delicate and diminutive hawthornes, from bald cypress with their knees poking up from the swamps to the coppery-colored gumbo limbo found in tropical hammocks of the Everglades and Keys, from the sabal palm found all over the state to the rare and endangered yew found only along the banks of the Apalachicola River in northern Florida.

Florida, unique among the states, has both tropical and temperate forests. The early Florida visitor was awed by miles of unending pine flatwoods. Most modern Florida visitors are amazed by the lush tropical trees planted in cities, suburbs, and public gardens. This book covers both natives and exotics and includes suggested field sites for observing the species described.

Divided into two sections, this book serves as both a reference and a field guide. Both sections help the reader answer the question "What tree is that?" by focusing on the families of Florida's trees. The line drawings show a combination of typical leaves, fruits, and flowers, and while accurate in detail, capture an overall impression, so helpful when trying to identify a species in the field. The color photos, all taken in Florida, are useful where color is important in identification.

"Clear and useful to all levels of botanists . . . [with] some of the best photos of difficult to photograph plants. A welcome addition to the Florida field guide literature. -- Carol Lippincott, botanist and form Curator of Endangered Plant Species at Fairchild Tropical Garden

Gil Nelson is a naturalist and writer who lives in Tallahassee, Florida. He serves on the board of directors of the Florida Native Plant Society and as president of the St. Marks Refuge Association.

Hardback $29.95 ISBN: 1-56164-053-0 Size: 6 x 9 338 Pages 170 line drawings 150 color photos

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Paperback $19.95 ISBN: 1-56164-055-7 Size: 6 x 9 338 Pages 170 line drawings 150 color photos

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