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Little Bright Eyes Vinca

Catharanthus roseus

Vinca Little Bright Eyes, 'Catharanthus roseus', flowers continuously for months no matter how hot its location. Little Bright Eyes are especiall... more

Little Pinkie Vinca

Catharanthus roseus

Vinca Little Pinkie, 'Catharanthus roseus', is the perfect plant for that really hot and dry location. Little Pinkie Vincas are especially useful... more

Little Sweetheart Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea Little Sweetheart, 'Lathyrus odoratus', is a very dwarf, bushy type with many small flowers close to the foliage. Try this plant in you... more

Love In A Mist

Nigella damascena

Love-In-A-Mist Miss Jekyll Blend, 'Nigella damascena', has delightful papery-textured flowers with thread-like foliage. Love-In-A-Mist is a quick... more

Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus caudatis

Loves-Lies-Bleeding, 'Amaranthus caudatis', has crimson tassels that cascade to the ground from an exotic, showy, bushy plant. Dramatic, tropical... more

Magic Carpet Mix Snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus

Magic Carpet Snapdragon, 'Antirrhinum majus', is a dwarf plant that has a trailing habit that makes it excellent for border fronts, planter boxes... more

Mahogany Nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus

Nasturtium Mahogany, 'Tropaeolum majus', has majestic deep red flowers in stunning contrast with bright-green foliage. Nasturtium Mahogany's rich... more

Maiden Pink Shrimp Dianthus

Dianthus deltoides 'Shrimp'

Dianthus Maiden Pink Shrimp, 'Dianthus deltoides 'Shrimp', has very vivid, crimson-scarlet flowers that appear the first year from seed. The flow... more

Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower

Helianthus annuus

Sunflower Mammoth Grey Stripe, 'Helianthus annuus', displays flowers that are 1 foot across. Enjoy their cheery faces following the sun and provi... more

Marvel of Peru Four O Clock

Mirabilis jalapa

Four O'clock Marvel of Peru, 'Mirabilis jalapa', has flowers that often open after 4 pm for late day drama. They are lightly fragrant. Four O'clo... more

Melody Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea Melody Blend, 'Lathyrus odoratus', is a symphony of colors. The 1 to 2 inch flowers appear in six bicolors: deep red/scarlet, deep lave... more

Mignon Silver Dahlia

Dahlia variabilis

Dahlia Mignon Silver, 'Dahlia variabilis', has elegant, pure white flowers that are most enjoyed during the evening as the the twilight dulls oth... more

Milas Rose Queen Corn Cockle

Agrostemma githago

Corn Cockle Milas Rose Queen, 'Agrostemma githago', is a fragile looking but very sturdy plant with delicate pink and white flowers that will del... more

Miss Willmott Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea Miss Willmott, 'Lathyrus odoratus', is a very old sweet pea traced back to 1901 and is named after the famous garden writer, Miss Willm... more

Mixed Colors Carnation Chabaud

Dianthus caryophyllus

Carnation Chabaud Mixed colors, 'Dianthus caryophyllus', has a gorgeous mixture of violet, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and bi-colored flow... more

Mixed Colors Strawflower

Helichrysum bracteatum

Strawflower Mixed Colors, 'Helichrysum bracteatum', makes fantastic cut flowers. The colorful medley of strawflowers also is great for ever-lasti... more

Mixed Colors Verbascum

Verbascum phoeniceum

Verbascum Mullein Shades of Summer, 'Verbascum phoeniceum', has spectacular, graceful spikes of flowers that bloom for long periods of time. The ... more

Money Plant

Lunaria biennis

Money Plant Honesty, 'Lunaria biennis', is an old fashioned garden favorite. The Money Plants seed pods are silvery, translucent ""coins"" perfec... more


Aconitum napellus

Monkshood, 'Aconitum napellus', is a wonderfully different perennial for your shade garden. Monkshood perform best in shade under trees or on the... more


Tpomoea alba

Moonflower, 'Tpomoea alba', has twisted buds that unfurl at dusk to reveal huge white blossoms that are deliciously fragrant. Locate this fast gr... more

Moulin Rouge Sunflower

Helianthus annuus (Hybrid)

Moulin Rouge sunflower, 'Helianthus annuus (Hybrid)', is a rich velvety, deep red sunflower. The Moulin Rouge will steal the show in your gardens... more

None-So-Pretty Catchfly

Silene armeria

Catchfly None-So-Pretty, 'Silene armeria', has a spectacular hot pink color all spring, summer, and fall. Planted in mass, Catchfly has an absolu... more

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