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Cat Grass

Avena sativa

Grass Cat Oats, 'Avena sativa', is an important part of a cat's diet. We have chosen the best grass for cats, Oat Grass. It provides nutrients an... more

Angels Trumpet Datura

Datura meteloides

Datura Angel's Trumpet, 'Datura meteloides', has fragrant and showy flowers that open late in the day to enhance the evening garden. If your time... more

Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus caudatis

Loves-Lies-Bleeding, 'Amaranthus caudatis', has crimson tassels that cascade to the ground from an exotic, showy, bushy plant. Dramatic, tropical... more

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Helianthus annuus

Sunflower Autumn Beauty, 'Helianthus annuus, is a multi-branched plant that produces many beautiful 5 to 8 inch flowers in a wide range of ""autu... more

Johnny-Jump-Up Viola

Viola tricolor

Viola Johnny-Jump-Up, 'Viola tricolor', are very cheery flowers that you can eat. Nothing, we repeat nothing, is as charming as a patch of Johnny... more

Marvel of Peru Four O Clock

Mirabilis jalapa

Four O'clock Marvel of Peru, 'Mirabilis jalapa', has flowers that often open after 4 pm for late day drama. They are lightly fragrant. Four O'clo... more

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Spanish Eyes

Thunbergia alata

Black Eyed Susan Vine (Spanish Eyes Blend), 'Thunbergia alata', is a vigorous vine with sunset colored, dark eyed flowers. The Spanish Eyes Blend... more

Black-Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta

Black-Eyed Susan, 'Rudbeckia hirta', is the most drought tolerant of all the Rudbeckias. The beautiful 2 to 4 inch daisy like flowers are adorned... more

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Thunbergia alata

Black Eyed Susan Vine, 'Thunbergia alata', is a vigorous vine with spunky yellow, orange, and white flowers. The solid black eye of the flowers c... more

African Mix Daisy

Dimorphotheca aurantiaca

Daisy African Cape Marigold, 'Dimorphotheca aurantiaca', should be called ""Goddess of the Sun"" for flowers that reflect the beauty and the burn... more

Butterfly Flower

Asclepias tuberosa L.

Butterfly Flower, 'Asclepias tuberosa L.', is a must for the butterfly garden. Butterflies will seek out your garden when you have this vigorous ... more

Blue Victoria Salvia

Salvia farinacea

Blue Victoria Salvia, 'Salvia farinacea, is native to Texas and New Mexico. Lovely spikes of deep purple-blue flowers cover this dwarf variety. T... more

Lemon Drop Marigold

Tagetes patula

Marigold Dwarf Lemon Drop, 'Tagetes patula', displays a sunny show of canary yellow flowers. Every vegetable garden must have Lemon Drop Marigold... more

Lemon/Tangerine Blend Marigold

Tagetes tenuifolia

Marigold Gem Lemon/Tangerine Blend, 'Tagetes tenuifolia', has masses of dainty flowers on compact, fragrant plants with lacy foliage. These bushy... more

Sensation Mix Nicotiana

Nicotiana x sanderae

Nicotiana Sensation Mix (Tobacco Plant), 'Nicotiana x sanderae', is handsomely tall and elegant. The sweetly scented, brightly colored flowers on... more

Strawberry Fields Gomphrena

Gomphrena haageana

Gomphrena Strawberry Fields, 'Gomphrena haageana', will delight you with it's vivid, striking red flower clusters. It is a native of Texas and Me... more

Dwarf Goblin Gaillardia

Gaillardia grandiflora

Gaillardia Goblin, 'Gaillardia grandiflora', is commonly called Blanket Flower. The Goblin is a dwarf Gaillardia that is easy to grow and blooms ... more

Violet Queen Cleome

Cleome spinosa

Cleome Violet Queen, 'Cleome spinosa', is a knockout! It is easy to grow and lends authority to any garden with the wonderful late summer color. ... more

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