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Gallery of Fountains in Florida

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Fountains with Pools:
Pools under 6 Feet
p.1 Classic Cascade Fountain, St. Augustine Fountain, Borghese 3 Tier Fountain, Classic Reflections Fountain, Cascade Reflections Fountain, Hawaiian Reflections Fountain,
p.2 Palazzo Urn Fountain, Palazzo Obelisk Fountain, Lion Urn Fountain, Palamos Fountain, Bisbalos Fountain
p.3 DeSoto Cascade Fountain, DeSoto, Rebecca Fountain

Pools over 6 Feet
p.4 Alabama 3 Tier Fountain, Williamsburg 3 tier Fountain, Williamsburg 4 Tier Fountain, Borghese 4 Tier Fountain, New Orleans 3 Tier Fountain with square pool.
p.5 Rietti Fountain, Ischia Fountain, Riccione Fountain, Duomo Fountain, Savonna Fountain,
p.6 Floral 4 Tier Fountain, Carmella Fountain, Carmona Fountain, Simplex 4-Tier Fountain with 14' Simplex Coping. Davenport Fountain with 14' Light Textured Coping

Monumental Fountains
p.7 Boston Fountain, Valencia Fountain, Sienna Fountain, Maldive Fountain
p.8 Fontana Terracina,
Fontana Dei Tritoni, Fontana Giubileo

Wall Fountain with Pool

p.9 Tijuana Fountain, Greenman Fountain, Two Shell Lion Fountain

Mineralstone Fountains with Pools

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Solar Powered

 Fountain with Pool

Cherub with Shell Fountain
Lemon Curb

Boy holds a clam shell which spills into the fountain pool.

39.5"h x 34" x34"

$700.00 plus shipping

Fountain with Pool


Lemon Trough Fountain 88085

A lemon embossed column spills into a trough with lemon relief on the fountain basin.

31.75"h x 34" x24"

$500.00 plus shipping

Fountain with Pool


Urn Fountain 88100

A stately urn with spouts spills into the fountain pool.

33"h x 34" x34"

$650.00 plus shipping

Fountain with Pool

Cherub with Dolphin Fountain
Curb Pond

Boy rides a dolphin which spouts into the fountain pool.

34.75"h x 54" x37.5"

$1000.00 plus shipping

Fountain with Pool

Cherub with Shell Fountain
Quatrefoil Curb Pond 88097

Cherub fountain sculpture holds a large clam shells which pours into the fountain pool

39.5"h x 54" x37.5"

$1100.00 plus shipping

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