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Zone 9-10 Roses to Plant in the Florida Garden selected by Leigh Fulghum, Florida botanist and landscape designer

Rosa 'The Fairy' From Plants Daily Post

8/14/2008 Florida Flowering Shrubs

Landscape Roses

Rosa 'The Fairy' extolled as "a virtually foolproof shrub...popular since 1932" has been used successfully, in South Florida landscaping. "Foolproof" being a good general design requirement for general maintenance conditions, this dense shrub rose nevertheless probably will not do well planted in the common areas and by ways. Which makes it preferable all the more for residential landscaping where owners are personally involved with the care of their plants and desire something more personal than shopping center plantings.

Planted and maintained correctly, 'The Fairy' has proven itself to be an abundantly producing , tough little rose, needing no nasty chemicals to thrive. The maintenance program though must allow for pruning the shrubs back 4 times a year, a job requiring thick gloves and a steel sack. Once overgrown, it is costly to interest anyone in restoring the planting.


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