There's always room for another plant in a plant or flower lover's life. What is more delightful than to receive a carefully cultivated plant at the peak of its performance- without having had to do all the work of growing it! Hats off to the gift plants growers of America. They are always ready with wonderful seasonal plants to brighten homes and offices everywhere.text © by Leigh Fulghum
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Azalea Bonsaiicon

Azalea Bonsai icon


Azalea bonsai carefully cultivated arrives in a ceramic planter with humidity tray and decorative rocks

Azalea will arrive in bud form, ready to bloom; bloom color may vary

Measures overall approximately 8-10"H

Planter size and color may vary






Gardenia Topiary

Martha Stewart Gardenia Topiary icon 


Gorgeous white gardenia topiary in a Galvanized Metal Planter with scalloped and pierced edging, as in the tradition of tinwork

Planter measures 7.25"H x 7"W

Measures overall approximately 12"H






Purple Hygrangeaicon  


Purple Hydrangea in Mosaic Planter icon 


Purple hydrangea plant arrives budding and ready to bloom

Purple and blue mosaic glass planter measures 4.5"H x 5.5"D

Measures overall approximately 16”H






 Rose in Modern Elegance Planter icon



Red rose plant arrives beautiful and blooming

Black and white ceramic planter decorated in a striking floral motif; measures 5"H x 5"D

Rose plant measures 10-12"H

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