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Imported Italian Terra Cotta
p.1 Roman Planter, Fluted Flower Pot , Messina Vase, Tom Planters, Box Planters, Footed Bowl, Low Bowl
p.2 Lemon Flower Box, Sq. Lemon Planter, Round Lemon Planter, Lemon Vase, Garland Box, Garland Wall Planter, Garland Vase,
p.3 Acorn Pot, Poetry Pot, Hampton Pot, Gertrude Pot, Peale Pot, Hartford Pot, Critter Pot, Shell Pot
p.4 Classic Urn
, Olive Oil Urn, Antique Urn, Fluted Urn, Turpentine Vase, Cloche Vase, Capricorn Vase, Ornamental Vase, Agresti Vase, Acanthus Leaf Vase
p.5 Wedges, Lion's Feet, Pedestal, Saucers

Items weighing more than 75 pounds must be shipped by residential delivery motor freight. Shipping is quoted on an individual basis. Please expect 8 weeks for delivery







Poetry Pot

9"W x20"H x 7"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 460.00  


Hampton Pot

20"W x13.5"H x 18"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 480.00



Gertrude Pot

17.5"W x19"H x 16"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 600.00



Peale Pot

23"W x18.5"H x 20"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 580.00     


Hartford Pot

22.5"W x16"H x 19"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 500.00     


Hand Thrown Critter Pot

14"W x21"H x 12"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 500.00    


Shell Pot

17"W x13.5"H x 13.5"inside diameter

QTY @U.S.$ 380.00     




Bamboo Box

23.5"Square x20.5"H

QTY @U.S.$ 2000.00     


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