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Tomato, Tomande Tomato, Honeybunch Tomato, Amish Paste Organic Heirloom Tomato, Tye-Dye Tomato, Cherry Roma
Tomato, Little Mama Tomato, Patio Princess Tomato, Cherries Jubilee Tomato, Heirloom Taste Collection Tomato, Celebrity
Tomato, Black Truffle Tomato, Big Pink Tomato, Tangerine Mama Tomato, Razzle Dazzle Tomato, Burpee's Big Boy
Tomato, Bushsteak Tomato, Fresh Salsa Tomato, Red Lightning Tomato, Sweetheart Of The Patio Tomato, Bucks County
Tomato, Beefsteak Organic Tomato, Black Pearl Tomato, Best Of Show Collection Tomato, Sweet Tangerine Tomato, Porterhouse
Tomato, Ensalada Tomato, Sweet Seedless   Tomato, Steak Sandwich Tomato, Burpee Brandy Boy Tomato, Big Beef
Tomato, Burpee's Burger Tomatillo, Gigante Tomato, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Rutgers (1934)  Tomato, Brandywine
Tomato, Early Girl Tomato, Heatwave II Tomato, Tumbler Tomato, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Bush Big Boy

Burpee Ultimate Tomato Growing Kit 

Burpee Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit

Double your tomato production and use less of your garden doing it. It's easy with Burpee's Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit. Contains everything you need to maximize growth, yield, and flavor. Works on all tomato plants!

3 Tomato Towers- grow your plants straight and tall, taking up much less space. Improves air circulation and ease of harvest. Total height 58 inches. Qty 3 per kit.

Reflective Red Mulch Film- special SRM-Red material reflects certain wavelengths of sunlight, increasing growth and yields up to 20%. Qty 8, 3'x3' sheets.

Blossom Set Spray- all-natural spray promotes blossoms and fruit development. Nearly every blossom will produce faster, larger, meatier fruit- ripening up to 3 weeks earlier.

Garden Stretch Tie- unique tie-up material expands and stretches to gently hold growing plants. Won't strangle or cut plants like ordinary wire or twine. Continuous roll (100 ft. x in.)."

Burpee Tomato Cage 

Tomato Cage

What the pros use. Large, sturdy cages help to manage even the biggest tomato plants.

These are the ones Burpee uses in their gardens at Fordhook Farm to grow big-crop varieties like Brandy Boy, Super Tasty, and Burpee's Supersteak.

4-sided cages provide the ultimate in stability. Great for flowers too.

Galvanized wire cages will not rust and will fold flat for easy storage.

Each cage is 40 inches tall. Extenders are 33 inches tall

Soft Twist Ties for Plants 

Soft Twist Ties

Soft coating protects plants yet is rigid enough to maintain its shape.

Bends and twists easily. Can be cut to any size.

16' continuous roll


Organic Tomato Fertilizer with Aragonite 

Organic Tomato Fertilizer W/ Aragonite

Burpee's 2KG Bag. Organic blend contains aragonite or coral calcium specifically made to help tomatoes grow and avoid 'blossom end rot'.

Complete plant food helps establish microbial life in the soil, which breaks down organic matter and makes nutrients available to the plant.

Covers 440 square feet of garden or 4 ounces per plant. Spread granulated mix into the top 4 inches of soil.

Use at planting time and monthly afterward.

Safe for children & pets

Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter

Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter

$ 8.95

The Topsy Turvy tomato planter works harder to bring you the biggest, best tomatoes you have ever grown.

As the sun warms the planter like a greenhouse, the root system will take off and grow into the planter. Since the Topsy Turvy planter allows your plants to grow upside down, water and nutrients will travel directly from the root to the fruit, producing larger yields and better tomatoes.

Plant Hanger for Topsy Turvy Tomatoes 

Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Four-Arm Plant Hanger 

Of course, one Topsy Turvy might not always be enough to supply the family.

Constructed of thick, powder-coated steel, this freestanding 7-foot tall hanger holds up to 250 pounds and has a sturdy base to keep it upright and stable on a deck or patio.

Freestanding hanger for deck or patio Ideal support for upside down growing sustems.

Use seasonally for birdfeeders and hanging flower baskets

Powder-coated steel 7' H overall Easy assembly

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