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Garden Bulbs for the South
by Scott Ogden

Bulbs have a bewitching quality which sets them apart from ordinary flowers-they resurrect gardens form winter's drab dormancy and appear suddenly, heralding the season of growth and bloom. Tulips, irises, lilies, daffodils-beds of these colorful plants serve as the harbingers of spring. Yet, Southern gardeners have too long struggled with bulbs acclimated to northern climates-bulbs that require refrigeration and that often rot in the black gumbo familiar to much of the South, afterwards having to be dug up and tossed onto the compost pile after a single season of blooms. The effort and expense invested in temporary bulb displays might rather be employed on something new, exotic, and extraordinary: flowers that like the South.

Heavily illustrated with nearly 200 full-color photographs, GARDEN BULBS OF THE SOUTH (Taylor Publishing; 1994; $22.95) examines neglected but beautiful American natives, as well as plants of Mexico and Central America that deserve more attention. With a complete and exhaustive listing of bulb sources, there are bulbs for every season-including winter and summer-providing year-round coverage of the garden, eliminating ugly spots in the yard lacking growth and color. GARDEN BULBS FOR THE SOUTH introduces a whole varied world of bulbs to warmer climates-many of which will naturalize, coming back year after year without re- digging and cold storage.

Warm climate bulbs are part of an ancient horticultural legacy, and connect Southern gardens with predecessors dating back to the beginnings of settled like. In GARDEN BULBS FOR THE SOUTH, Southern gardeners will discover old favorites, natives, dramatic-flowering bulbs-all guaranteed to perform in their garden.

ISBN 0-87833-861-6 $22.95 cloth 6" x 9" 256 pages

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