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Plants Poisonous to People in Florida and Other Warm Areas 3rd. edition

by Julia Morton

This classic work by the famed Florida naturalist Julia Morton was prompted by the occurrence of the large number of poisonous plant species used to landscape Florida yards. The book jacket states, "In the December 1965 issue of the Florida Medical Journal, Dr. Ray Edwards of Jacksonville summarized 430 cases of plant poisoning that had been reported through the Florida poison control centers in the previous four-year period. Of these, 58% occurred in the home yard and 22% in the neighbor's yard."

Dr. Sorrell L. Wolfson wrote, "Julia Morton's book on poisonous plants with the excellent photographs and commentary, will be a valuable source of information for everyone...all the Poison Control Centers in the State of Florida should have a copy of this excellent book."

Many popular ornamental plants, the majority of them non-native to Florida, have toxic parts which produce a variety of reactions in humans, from contact dermatitis to death from ingestion. The full-color photographs in Julia Morton's book provide an easy way to recognize the culprits as well as valuable scientific information about their components and effects.

Florida residents who don't know a rosary pea from a lucky nut should make this book required reading.

65 illus. ISBN- 87024-336-5 paper $19.95

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