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Aquatic and Wetland Plant Glossary Title Page and Contents
APIRS database by David L. Sutton, IFAS.

Aquatic and Wetland Plant Biological Control Insects
APIRS publication, University of Florida.

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants Home Page
Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Information Retrieval System (APIRS) is the world's largest information resource of its kind, providing a variety of free and for-sale services and products.Published by University of Florida, IFAS.

Landowner's Aquaguide

"Turn Your Pond into an Aquatic Briar Patch." Article from the Missouri State Conservation Department.

Limnological Terms, Definitions, Acronyms and Concepts
Excellent Glossary from the Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax.

Planting Depths for Aquatic Plants Zone 1
Revised by Frank M. Melton, Extension Agent II, Horticulture Sarasota County Cooperative Extension Service. All information supplied by Conservation Consultants, Inc., Palmetto, Florida.

Prohibited Aquatic Plants
"The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Aquatic Plant Management, is revising its Florida Administrative Code, Rule 62C52 on Aquatic Plant Importation, Transportation, Non-Nursery Cultivation, Possession and Collection, to allow the sale of prohibited aquatic plant material proven to be non-viable." - Aquaphyte Online Winter 1996.

Those Knotty Spikerushes
Get the scoop on Florida's 28 or 29 species of Eleocharis from
Kathy Craddock Burks, Botanist, Technical Services, Bureau of Aquatic Plant Management, Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

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