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Broward County Farmers Market

Marando Farms Welcome WagonMarando Farms Organic ProduceFresh Eggs at Marando FarmsMarando Farms Condiments and Fresh Breads

Visit Marando Farms Farmers' Market this weekend!

Following is an Article by Leigh Fulghum

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Open Saturday & Sunday 9:00 - 4:00
1401 SW 1st Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Phone: (954) 294-2331
Official Website: http://www.marandofarms.com

Fred Marando is astonished by the fact that some children visiting his weekend farmers' market have never seen a live chicken or pig.

I was astonished to realize I had never tasted fresh churned butter, until I saw it in the refrigerator case at Marando Farms, dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and better tasting, healthier groceries.

(All right, there may be those who wish to argue the healthiness of butter, but compared to the now maligned margarines and oleos of the past, and the presently questionably chemically constituted array of blends molded into mechanically perfect portions, I'll take a chance on a little lump of fresh churned butter for frying a farm-fresh egg).

As a maturing consumer with so many product boycotts that it is no longer possible to survive on supermarket shopping, the cropping up of farmers' markets around Broward County has for me come in the nick of time.

Saturdays and Sundays, in downtown Fort Lauderale, a block west of Andrews Avenue and just up the road from the Packard Antique Car Museum, the Marando family is bringing a few innovations to the old time farmers' market, which herald the wave of the future.

The market is stocked with mostly locally grown organic produce, right off the farm. We all know farm-fresh means tastier, and more nutritious. Then, less transport of our food means less fuel expended and fewer fumes released to the air we breathe.

Rather odd to think of us buying our staples from foreign lands, especially when Florida was once touted as the future "Bread Basket of America." Indeed, that was how the original bankers and railroad men lured the public with the Florida Land Boom, to risk their capital clearing, draining, and planting a mosquito-infested, hurricane prone wilderness, only to be wiped out in 1929 and immediately thereafter. That may a story for another day, but enough said here to make it a point to support the efforts of wholesome family farms and independent producers of good things right here in our own backyard.

Quality assurance of Marando Farms produce is overseen by Chelsea, Mrs. Marando, who is working on her doctorate in sustainable agricultural practice. Therefore, the production practices of the growers of what is offered at the market are observed by an educated eye, for those who are concerned with the accumulation of pesticides and pollutants in plants, water and soil, and whether or not food which is said to be organically grown is actually organically and sustainably grown.

A display of hydroponic growing towers at Marando Farms allows customers to pluck a head of fresh growing lettuce time to time, while showing how fruit, vegetables, and culinary herbs can be produced by home gardeners in a small space, and without soil. The hydroponic growing towers are available for purchase.

Chickens and domestic pigs at the farm are rescue animals who now happily help recycle tasty fruit and vegetable waste. Fred is refining his aquaculture demonstration in which the recycled water of tilapia tanks filters through a hydroponic system growing lettuce to feed a bunny.

Most exciting are Chelsea Marando's plans for a one-quarter acre organic Community Garden on the property. Anyone who has admired the productive as well as beautiful Community Gardens which have been achieved in the fallow areas of big cities further north, should find out how they can aid the coming of this project to our Community. Success of an organic Community Garden here requires supervisory scientific knowledge and experience, without doubt, but the opportunities and rewards for citizens of all ages to participate in a viable Community Garden warrant the investment of agencies, organizations, and individuals in a position to contribute funds, materials, talents, or time to make this happen.

Along with an always plenteous and diverse array of seasonal produce, here are some other yummy foodstuffs found at Marando Farms Weekend Farmers' Market (while supplies last, of course) :

Real, farm-fresh eggs
Fresh churned butter, salted and unsalted
Goat cheese and goat yogurt
Amazing flavors of hummus
Honeys and maple syrup
Heirloom popping corn
Fresh baked loaves of bread in many flavors
Home made whole wheat and egg noodles
Vegan Soup

Unsold produce from Marando Farms weekend farmers' market is donated to The Pantry of Broward, whose mission is " To provide food and support services to seniors in need on low incomes and to grandparents raising grandchildren."

So feel free to say "no" to tasteless, chemical-coated, genetically engineered produce, and "yes" to Marando and our local individual organic farmers, farms and grocers. Not only is locally grown produce fresher, meaning more nutrients and better taste, buying local is a step towards more sustainable agriculture in a greener world.


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