The Edens of Florida Presented by

The Florida Gardens and Preserves Collaborative

The first comprehensive travel companion and guide to Florida's most beautiful outdoor areas

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Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens

If you're tired of the heat and tedium of the highways, Eden just might be closer than you think. It's easy to find your way with The Edens of Florida, the first comprehensive guide to Florida's gardens, preserves, and nature centers.

This beautifully photographed four-color guide will show you the way to escape to such varied and exotic spots as Torreya State Park, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Washington Oaks State Gardens, and Vizcaya. It features 149 of Florida's "greatest natural hits" and is Florida's first eco-guide for visitors and residents who have an interest in visiting places of beauty and tranquility throughout the state. The guide marks main highways, keys all garden locations to the closest city or town and geographic region, and describes each garden, its visiting hours and admission fees.

The Edens of Florida is published in 1997 by the Florida Gardens and Preserves
Collaborative , based at Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando, Florida. It its the first product of the Collaborative and the  first comprehensive guide and map to the 149 gardens, preserves and nature centers throughout the state of Florida.

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