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Arizona Flora  Thomas H. Kearney Elizabeth Mcclintock Robert H. Peebles
Flora Austaliensis: Description of the Plants of the Australian Territory G. Bentham F. Von Mueller
Flora of Great Britain and Ireland Peter Sell
Excursion Flora of the British Isles Arthur R. Clapham Thomas Gaskel Tutin E. F. Warburg
Key Works to the Fauna & Flora of the British Isles & Northwestern Europe Vol. 33 Reginald William Sims D. L. Hawksworth Paul Freeman (Editor)
New Flora of the British Isles Clive Stace Hilli Thompson (Illustrator)
Flora of the British West Indian Islands A. H. Grisebach
Flora of Baja California Ira L. Wiggins
A California Flora and SupplementPhilip A. Munz David D D. Keck
Flora of the Marshes of CaliforniaHerbert L. Mason
Flora of Canada Homer J. Scoggan
Manual of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas Albert E. Radford
Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon M. D. Dassanayake (Editor) F. R. Fosberg (Editor)
Marine Flora & Fauna of Hong Kong & Southern China Brian Morton (Editor)
European Garden Flora: A Manual for the Identification of Plants in Europe, Both out-of-Doors & under Glass J. Cullen (Editor) P. S. Green (Editor) V. H. Heywood (Editor) J. C. Alexander (Editor) J. R. Edmonson (Editor)
Flora of Galapagos Islands Ira L. Wiggins Duncan M. Porter Edward F. Anderson
Flora of the Great Plains Plains Plains Flora Associan The
Flora of the Hawaiian Islands William Hillebrand
Flora Indica: Description of Indian Plants William Roxburgh;
Flora of Madagascar; Vascular Plants : 49th Family, Orchids H. Perrier de La Bpathie Steven D. Beckman (Translator)
Flora of Malaysia Illustrated David T. Jones Penny German (Illustrator)
Flora of New Mexico W. C. Martin
Flora of North America: North of Mexico Flora of North America Editorial Committ Nancy R. Morin (Editor)
Flora of North America: North of Mexico: Ferns and Gymnosperms, Vol. 2 Nancy R. Morin;
Flora of Northwest America T. A. Howell
Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States Leroy Abrams
Flora of the Pacific Northwest: An Illustrated Manual C. Leo Hitchcock Arthur CronquistDescriptive Flora of Puerto Rico & Adjacent Islands: Spermatophyta
Henri A. Liogier
Vegetation & Flora of the Sonoran Desert Forrest Shreve Ira L. Wiggins
Flora of Turkey(Vol.1-10 available)Peter H. Davis (Editor)

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