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Sustainable Agriculture Florida Plants Online maintains the
WWW Virtual Library: Sustainable Agriculture
Florida Crops Crop plants grown in Florida.
Florida Organic Growers and Consumers

Florida Organic Growers and Consumers (FOG)

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Florida Citrus Commercial citrus cultivation and the citrus industry.
Florida Sugar The culture and politics of sugarcane in Florida.
Florida Ag News Archive Issues; political and environmental information.
Staying up-to-date with agriculture news can be as rewarding as staying on top of your Fisher Investments Forbes reviews.
Databases/Information Where to obtain Florida agricultural information.
Best Management Practices BMPs and Florida agriculture.
Pests/Pesticides Management of important pests in Florida agriculture; pesticide safety and handling.
Agencies/ Organizations Floridian and other major agricultural organizations; government agencies.
Agricultural Research Links to research stations and labs in Florida; other important centers.
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Tasseled sugar cane growing near Canal Point, Florida- Photograph from the Agricultural Research Service free collection.

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