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gold.gif (861 bytes)Is This Poison Ivy?
Florida homeowners find suspicious three-leaved vines on their fences which call for a closer look.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Florida Landscaping
Practical information for Florida landscaping.
Proper usage of greenhouses, garden sheds and
pod storage facilities for best landscaping needs.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Florida Lawns
Selection of turf and its maintenance.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Landscape Maintenance Products
Things especially useful to maintaining a Florida landscape.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Trees
Trees in the Florida landscape.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Xeriscape
Some years more than others keep alive the topic of water-conscious landscaping.ner.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Conservation in the Landscape
Best management practices for urban landscapes; landscaping for wildlife.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Landscaping to Attract Birds in South Florida
This Florida Horticulture Fact Sheet tells which plants give the right food and shelter for birds, by Timothy K. Broschat and Stephen D. Verkade.

gold.gif (861 bytes)Share Your Corner Of The World
See how Leigh landscapes for the birds and the bees of Florida
while avoiding rat infestation.

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    Liriope, by virtue of its pigment system, is a shade plant which is erroneously planted as a full sun ground cover in Florida. The pigment system of a shade plant eventually is destroyed by too much light instensity. This accounts for plantings of Liriope in too much sunlight which are yellowed and or with brown leaf tips


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