Fruit & Spice Park 2002 Special Events
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Each January the Redland Natural Arts Festival is held under the trees in the Fruit & Spice Park garden. This celebration invites artists, craftsmen and outdoorsmen to exhibit products from tropical cultures around the world.

In July, South Florida's agricultural community hosts the Tropical Agricultural Fiesta. This event is designed to promote commercial tropical fruit production and features elaborate fruit product displays and exhibits by growers, shippers, and nurserymen.


Miami-Dade Park & Recreation

Year 2002 Classes & Activities

Chris B. Rollins-Garden Director
24801 SW 187th Ave.
Homestead, Florida 33031
305-247-5727 fax 305-245-3369


Call 755-7848 (V/TDD) for materials in accessible format, information on access for Persons with Disabilities or sign language interpreters (five days in advance).

Jan. 12th Herb Workshop Learn all aspects for using herbs. Prior to the workshop a tour of herb gardens not usually open to the public will be conducted. Book included with class payment. Instructor: Donnie Brown, 9 AM to 1 PM, Fee: $35.

Jan. 18th 25th Natural Art Festival Dinner Join the Friends of the Fruit & Spice Park and celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Redland Natural Arts Festival with a Fundraising BBQ. Enjoy an evening in the garden, great food under the stars, old time music and local history. Funds raised will be used for projects at the Fruit & Spice Park, $25 per person.

Jan. 19,20,21st 25th Annual Redland Natural Art Festival A three day event celebrating the history and culture of the Redland. A large variety of plants, arts, crafts and a great food court plus entertainment for the entire family. 10 AM to 5 PM. Admission: $3, children under 12 free.

Feb. 2nd Historic Garden Tour of the Redland Visit homes not open to the public during this once a year event. 10 AM to 3 PM, Guide: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25. Feb. 9th Tropical Vegetables & Edible Oddities Tropical Vegetables from around the world and everything you need to know about gardening in South Florida. Many of these vegetables work well in landscaping and require less insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer. Seeds and cuttings will be distributed. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25.

Feb. 16th Propagation Methods of reproducing tropical fruit trees. Learn how to plant seeds, make cuttings, air layer and grafting. All day session, breaking for lunch. Receive a tree to graft and take home. 10 AM to 4 PM, Instructor: Chris Rollins. Fee: $35.

Feb. 23, 24th Strawberry Folk Festival Enjoy a beautiful weekend in the Garden with traditional music, story telling and strawberries presented by the Friends of the Seminole Theater and the Main Street Folk Club.

Mar. 2, 3rd Asian Culture Festival Sponsored by the Thai American Association & the Fruit & Spice Park. This delightful show features a large selection of Asian crafts, arts, dance and music and is highlighted by a large selection of Asian food. Children will receive an Asian Passport and can get it stamped as they visit exhibits across the Festival. 10 AM to 6 PM, Admission $5, children under 12 free.

Mar. 9th Indian Cooking Learn the traditional spices and food of India with a native cook. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Ranu Jagasia, Fee: $25. Mar. 16th Thai Cooking The exotic food of Thailand and its culture. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Noy Kaloff, Fee: $25.

Mar. 30th Aromatherapy as Preventive Medicine Knowing how to use essential oils and related herbs to alleviate symptoms pertaining to sinus & cold, headaches and stress, skin problems and blood pressure. 10 AM to 1 PM, Instructors: Rose Roberts & Miguel Scisneros-Abrue, Fee: $25.

April 20th Aquaculture Tour Visit local fish farms. 10 AM to 1 PM, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25. April 27th Jams & Jellies Learn how to make jams and jellies from your favorite fruits. A great way of saving them to enjoy all year. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Jean Collins, Fee: $25.

May 4th Establishing a Small Grove Learn all aspects of establishing and maintaining a small grove. 9 AM to Noon, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25. May11th Gardening with Georgia Tasker Share the morning with Georgia, the Miami Herald's Garden Editor. Getting the most from your garden with good plans and plants. Discussion will include design, uses and care of tropical plants. 10AM to Noon, Fee: $25.

May 17,18,19th Redland International Orchid Show Truly the largest annual orchid event in the U.S., features over 50 booths of educational orchid exhibits and orchid sales. An American Orchid Society judged show. A huge volume of orchids, plants and supplies for sale, lectures by experts, raffles and international foods.

May 21st Mounts Botanical Garden and Gene Joyner's Incredible Acres Meet at the Fruit & Spice Park and enjoy a Tuesday van trip to two of West Palm Beach's best garden spots. ALL DAY, Fee: $35. Guide: Chris Rollins.

June 1,2nd Redland Farm & Garden Show This old time farm show features antique tractors, flywheel engines, local herbs, fruit trees and plants, garden accessories and fresh produce. Cooking demonstrations by some of South Florida's best chefs will highlight local produce. The Park will honor local prominent agriculture pioneers. A Tropical Fruit Ice Cream booth will have such tantalizing flavors as: Canistel, Antidesma, Soursop, Lychee, Mango, Jaboticaba, Jackfruit and Tamarind. 10 AM to 5 PM. June 5, 6th Southwest Florida Fruit Safari Visit tropical fruit nurseries and collections along the SW coast of FL cumulating with a visit to Selby Gardens in Sarasota. Two days and one overnight. June 8th Lychee & Longan Workshop Learn about these most revered of Chinese fruits for their ancient cultivation to modern mania. Growing needs, problems and varieties will be covered. Taste samples are included. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25.

June 15th Pruning for Hurricane Season We hate to even think about it, but that time of year is here again. Discussion and methods for pruning will be discussed. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25. June 22nd Mangos, Mangos, Mangos Everything about mangos: how to grow them, their insect and disease problems, recipes and the many varieties. Sample fruits until the juice drips from your elbows. Visit the more than 100 varieties growing in the Fruit & Spice Park. 10 AM to 1 PM, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25.

June 29th Orchid Workshop Growing Orchids with one of the best. A representative of R.F. Orchids will instruct a beginner's class. A private tour of R.F. Orchid's after the class. 10 AM to Noon, Fee: $25.00.

Jul.12,13,14th Tropical Fruit Weekend An exciting meeting of different fruit clubs from around the United States with international experts on fruit sponsored by Friends of the Fruit & Spice Park. Includes: Tours, lectures, picnic, banquet, workshops, tree sales & trades, free seeds & cuttings, packing-house and research station tours included. Saturday morning is open to attend Mango Morning at Fairchild Tropical Garden. Cost of registrations: $50

Aug. 10th Banana Workshop Learn from the Top Banana, Mr. Don Chafin. Banana and plantain cultivars, culture and diseases. Visit a collection of 70 cultivars. 10 AM to Noon, Fee: $25.

Aug.18th Bamboo Workshop Learn to grow and cultivate different varieties of Bamboo and their uses. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Daniel Holmes, Fee: $25. Aug.24th Organic Gardening With Gail Come and learn about organic gardening with Gail Policella. 10 AM to Noon, Fee: $25. Sept. 7th Vegetable Gardening, Container Gardening & Unusual Vegetables Learn all aspects of vegetable gardening in the backyard. Conventional vegetables and exotic ethnic ones, planting techniques and practices needed to produce safe, fresh, clean vegetables at home. 10 AM to 4 PM, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $35.

Sept.14th Carambola Field Day Everything about star fruit. Diseases, recipes and best varieties. Lots of tasting. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25. Sept. 21st Propagation Methods of reproducing fruit trees. Learn how to plant seeds, make cuttings, air layer and grafting. All day session, breaking for lunch. Receive a tree to graft and take home: 10 AM to 4 PM. Instructor: Chris Rollins, Fee:$35.

Sept. 28th New Fruit Crops for South Florida Join Chris Rollins in discovering new crops for the South Florida area. Many options will be discussed including: dragon fruit, green sapote, abiu and cotopritz. 10 AM to Noon, Fee: $25.

Oct.12th Cooking with Tropical Fruit Use the colorful, exotic fruits of the tropics to create a delicious meal. 10 AM to Noon, Instructor: Leila Barnes, Fee: $25.

Oct.19th Garden Tour of the Redland Tour estates and gardens. See lush landscaping and the latest gardening methods. 10 AM to 1 PM, Guide: Chris Rollins, Fee: $25.

Nov.16 & 17th Florida Keys Fruit Safari Take an overnight trip to Key West and visit the cities gardens. Saturday will be spent touring Key West. Sunday will be devoted to touring local nurseries & gardens.



TROPICAL FRUIT & VEGETABLE SOCIETY OF THE REDLAND Monthly speaker, tasting table, plant exchange and horticultural library. Tropical fruits and vegetables. Meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM

SOUTH DADE GARDEN CLUB Monthly meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM, In existence for 70 years, 54 at the Park. All types of gardening, come and make friends.

REDLAND EVENING HERB SOCIETY Meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM

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