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Design for a Florida Culinary Herb Garden
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Inside Measurement: 4' x 6'
Outside Measurement with 12"Square Stepping Stones: 6' x 8'
Plant List
12ChivesEdging 2 corners; 6"apart
10SageEdging 2 corners; 6"apart
10 Green BasilStaggered spacing; 10" apart
8Purple Basil Staggered spacing; 10" apart
4Italian Parsley Staggered spacing;12" apart
3OreganoTriangle spacing; 10" apart
3MarjoramTriangle spacing; 10" apart
2DillAs shown

Materials List
2512" Sq.StepsNeutral concrete; Tumbled marble; natural flagstones
8'Edging to retain gravelMetal or "Hortiscape" edging
2+Bags Gravel Chattahoochee, Pea rock, 1/4"-1/2" river rock
1Accent/focal pieceTerracotta Pot with Rosemary; Sundial; Sculpture


Innovative herb varieties from Park Seed Co.

Designing a herb garden can be a great experience. While some do it to satisfy the green thumb in them, others find tending a garden therapeutic in nature. A place like Morningside Recovery might even use an herb garden to aide in the rehabilitation of patients. While not a traditional method, alternative medicines through the use of various herbs have become more popular over the years, so its not entirely out of the question that such a program may appear at Morningside Recovery or another treatment facility. Of course, the use of herbs for therapeutic purposes are not limited only to that of a Morningside Recovery center. Whatever the reason though for starting your own herb garden, just make sure to have fun with it once you have your design planned out.


Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet Genovese' icon

Plant basil in neat rows, interesting patterns, or any design with easy-to-sow tapes. Lay tape on the soil, cut to fit the space, then rake or sprinkle about a half inch of soil on top of the tapes and water. 'Sweet Genovese' basil is the classic variety for Neapolitan cuisine, grown in Italy and well-adapted to American gardens. For fresh or dried use, this variety is the best for Mediterranean cooking.

Ocimum basilicum 'Marseille'


A dwarf plant, 'Marseille' apparently concentrates all its energy on producing big, showy, wonderfully scented foliage. The leaves are larger than most other varieties, and the plant is nicely branched, so you get a big harvest in very little space. Expect Marseille to reach 10 inches high and about 8 inches wide at maturityntal -- you can grab a few leaves in passing as you enter the, bursting with delectable spice in every inch! Marseille is a fine variety for growing in containers, and if you scatter a few among your unscented annual flowering plants, you'll find that bees and butterflies are suddenly visiting!



Ocimum basilicum 'Red Rubin' icon

'Red Rubin' has deep burgundy leaves so richly colored they almost look blue,and it's wonderfully fragrant, bushier, and lasts better than other basils! Add to that its super-easy germination and growth in revolutionary new seed tapes, and you've got an unbeatable crop so easy you won't be able to believe you grew it yourself!

Italian Plain-Leaf Parsley is ideal for a parterre or other formal garden, also handy to lay down between rows of veggies or even flowering annuals! Italian Plain-Leaf Parsley is a stocky, well-branched plant. Cut all the leaves you need; it will keep growing new ones throughout the season. Set of two 7-foot tapes.

iconContains 7 varieties: Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Thyme, Parsley, and Oregano!