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Epiphytes in Florida Commonly called "air plants" epiphytic plants include bromeliads, orchids, lichens, and some species of ferns and of cacti and succulents. Here is some important Florida epiphyte trivia:

staghorn.JPG (33182 bytes)A prominent native bromeliad of Florida is Spanish Moss which is seen draped over the branches of old liveoaks in the central and northern parts of the state, and in the Cypress trees of freshwater swamps. It is seen here with The Staghorn Fern: A Rarity Worth Growing  (Article by Brian Baldwin, University of Saskatchewan, Canada).

above: Spanish Moss (native) and Staghorn Fern (not native); a pair of epiphytes frequently seen hanging together in Florida yards.

Not such a rarity in South Florida, the Staghorn Fern is an epiphytic fern of which many people in come to own quite a huge specimen, frequently seen suspended from tree limbs on heavy chains.

Botanist Robert L. Dressler, author of this publication of Cornell University Press, resides in beautiful Micanopy, Florida.

In another book by R.L. Dressler, The Orchids: Natural History and Classification, he provides A Taxonomic Analysis of the Family Orchidaceae

Robert Dressler is married to Kerry Dressler, a noted orchid, epiphyte, and overall ace bio-photographer who has braved essentially every rainforest in the world except Borneo.

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Article by Brian Baldwin, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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