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Landscaping for Florida's Wildlife
Re-creating Native Ecosystems in Your Yard

by Joe Schaefer and George Tanner

As the natural landscape becomes more humanized, the habitat for many wildlife species has been lost or degraded. In a clear, step-by-step format, this book tells how to create awildlife-friendly landscape that takes into account both people and nature. The authors' theme--"put back what you don't need"--allows the gardener to reduce maintenance costs while providing a habitat that offers wildlife the essentials of food, cover, water, and space.

Efficient Use of Water
Texas Agricultural Extension Paper by Jerry Parsons, Extension Horticulturist, Sam Cotner, Head of Horticulture Department, Roland Roberts, Extension Horticulturist, Calvin Finch, County Extension Agent - Horticulturist, and Doug Welsh, Extension Horticulturist

IFAS Fact Sheet by Joan Bradshaw and Linda Tozer discusses landscape strategy for the Florida climate.

Enviroscaping to Conserve Energy: A Guide to Microclimate Modification
By Alan W. Meerow, REC-Ft. Lauderdale; and Robert J. Black,  Environmental Horticulture Department, University of Florida, Gainesville.

Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program
"If you own or rent a residential property with at least 10 square yards that can be landscaped for wildlife, you can join the hundreds of Florida residents participating in the Florida Wildlife Habitat Program. This program is being offered through a cooperative agreement between the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission and the IFAS Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida." Online application available.

Home Water Quality and Safety
IFAS Fact Sheet by Dorota Z. Haman and Del B. Bottcher .

Landscaping for Wildlife
Site by the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Geof Gowan, Wildlife Extension Assistant, IFAS. Food and cover plants for wildlife; butterfly gardening information.

Managing Lawns and Gardens to Protect Water Quality
Article from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

"Plants Don't Waste Water- People Do"
Facts from turfgrass experts at TAMU.

Pollution Solutions for Home Gardens and Landscapes
IFAS Bulletin by R. J. Black, D. E. Short and G. H. Snyder.

Risks From Natural Versus Synthetic Insecticides
Article from THE LABEL Vol. 6, No. 5 May 1994, newsletter of the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

Using Water Wisely: In Household Cleaning And Outdoor Uses
IFAS Fact Sheet by Virginia Peart.

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