New Coastal Plants of Florida

The Dunes

Florida's Dune Plants

Excerpts from The Nature of Florida series by Cathie Katz


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Show Me the Natives
Florida native plants on the internet

The Florida Everglades
Nature's battlefield

Mangrove ResourcesCollection of Mangrove Resources
Learn about the invaluable plants that protect coastal ecosystems in Florida and around the world

Who Likes Florida Native Plants?
Find people who care about, like to grow, or provide commercial sources of Florida native plants

Gardening and Landscaping with Florida Native Plants
Plants that work with Florida's climate and soil conditions

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Florida Butterfly GardeningFlorida Butterfly Gardening
A Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Butterflies of the Lower South

by Marc C. Minno and Maria Minno

Florida EthnobotanyFlorida Ethnobotany
Winner of the 2005 Klinger Book Award
by Daniel F. Austin

Although there have been previous studies of plants used by the inhabitants of Florida, this is the first comprehensive synthesis of this flora-rich region that was so pivotal in the history of New World exploration.

Florida Native Plants BOOKS

Native Florida Plants

Native Florida Plants by Robert G. Haehle, Joan Brookwell

Attractive, newly updated book shows 281 native plants in full-color photos. Landscapes and gardens using these natives are easier to maintain, use less water, thrive without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and provide a haven for wildlife (by chris dailey). Contains representative landscape designs suited for city, country, and freshwater or seaside locations. Add a few native plants to your landscape, create a native garden or water garden, and bring on the butterflies.

Everglades Wildflowers

Everglades Wildflowers: A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Historic Everglades, Including Big Cypress, Corkscrew, and Fakahatchee Swamps
by Roger L. Hammer

An easy to use field guide that organizes plants according to flower color. Descriptions of everglades habitats and some everglades history.

Healing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole IndiansHealing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians by Alice Micco Micco Snow, Susan Enns Stans, Susan Enns Stans

The first published record of Florida Seminole herbal medicine and ancient healing practices, Healing Plants is a colorfully illustrated compendium of knowledge and practices passed down orally to Alice Snow from generations of her Native American ancestors. The authors' overview (documented with personal photographs) of Seminole history, native medicine, and the life of Snow, a Seminole herbalist, places the healing practices in their cultural context and describes actual treatments.

Wild Love Affair   Here's a Hot Title-

Wild Love Affair: Essence of Florida's Native Orchids by Connie Bransilver (Photographer)

Well-known photographer and naturalist Connie Bransilver illuminates the mystique, importance, and unparalleled beauty of native orchids in Florida. Enjoy Bransilver's gorgeous fine-art photographs of these prized flowers and their habitat. Contributing essays by John Beckner, Paul Martin Brown, Stuart Pimm, and Eric Hansen accompany the author's text.

Flora of Florida

Flora of Florida: Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms, Vol. 1
by Richard P. Wunderlin, Bruce F. Hansen

Modern flora of Florida, following Long and Lakela.

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