Florida Gardening Books

by Cornell University Press:

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs


a comprehensive pictorial survey of the disorders of forest and shade trees and
woody ornamental plants in the United States and Canada...

Flowering Trees of Florida
by Mark Stebbins
Written for both arborist and gardener,practical cultivation tips and advice on caring for the flowering trees.

Sabal palmetto
Cabbage Palms, West Lake Park
text and photo by Leigh Fulghum

The Cabbage Palm, Sabal palmetto, is the highly under-appreciated state tree of Florida. A majority of homeowners feel that compared to the array of non-native ornamental palms available for planting in residential landscapes, the native Cabbage Palm is rather homely. It is however, more perfectly adapted for Florida's soil conditions and climate, which includes hurricanes.

Patio Trees for Florida


gold.gif (861 bytes)Florida Trees
Trees that are found growing in Florida, either native or non-native (exotic)

gold.gif (861 bytes)Florida Palms
Includes the classic Florida Palm Fertilization Guide, essential reading for all Florida palm owners and managers of properties with palms

gold.gif (861 bytes)General Information About Trees
Tree facts and information about trees and forests in general

gold.gif (861 bytes)Florida Forests & Wildlife Refuges
Links to their Home Pages

gold.gif (861 bytes)Tree Maintenance Products
Alternative semi-permanent mulch mats for a crisp protective bed around trees; drip irrigation for establishing newly planted trees

gold.gif (861 bytes)Tree Pruning
An essential but elusive aspect of tree maintenance in Florida

gold.gif (861 bytes)Tree Selection for Florida

Trees to avoid and trees to plant