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by Wayne A. Sinclair, Howard H. Lyon, and Warren T. Johnson

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs is a comprehensive pictorial survey of the disorders of forest and shade trees and
woody ornamental plants in the United States and Canada...

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Protective Tree Ring

Solutions to protect cypress forests and your own trees at the same time. Save money on continuous mulch replacement while achieving a neater cutout around trees with tree ring mats of rubber or coco fiber.

Rubber Tree Rings

Even if you could lay a perfect ring of bark mulch around your tree, it would soon look ragged and need replenishing. These tree rings look just like bark mulch, but they're actually thick mats of recycled tire rubber that will stay in place year after year – you can even mow right over them! They suppress grass and tough weeds, so you won't damage trees by trimming too close, but they let in air, water, and nutrients. Earth-friendly, 100% recycled rubber Suppresses weeds more effectively than bark mulch.Thick, durable rubber mulch won't scatter. Available in four sizes to fit every tree, from saplings to mature specimens


iconCoco Mat Tree Rings icon
Coco Mats Suppress Weeds Better than Bark Mulch!

If you're not diligent about replenishing mulch, it will eventually look messy and start letting weeds through after just one season. These thick mulch mats are made of tightly woven coconut fibers and durable natural latex, so they stop weeds for several seasons. They reduce string-trimming chores too, because you can mow right over them.

Lightweight and easy to work with; slips easily around a tree trunk. These rings last three years or more! Permeable to water, air, and plant nutrients. Center hole is easily enlarged if needed Earth Staples (sold separately) keep the rings in place permanently. Available in four sizes: 24", 36", 48", and 60"



Slow-release soaker ring

Arborists designed this slow-release soaker ring to prevent over– or under-watering. A built-in flow restrictor dispenses no more than a half gallon of water per minute to ensure a slow, even soaking. Water percolates down into the root zone, encouraging deeper, healthier root development. Designed by arborists to put water right where the tree needs it. Gives new trees a slow, even soaking.Slow, deep, water penetration for healthier root development.Eliminates water run-off.

Made of durable UV-protected recycled rubber. Flow regulator included. 36" outer and 9" inner ring fits around 1-3" caliper trees. Easy assembly around trees. Add mulch over tree saver ring to retain soil moisture and keep out of sight .Made of recycled rubber.Weighs 2 lbs. For optimal performance, use with an automatic water timer.

On-Gard!T Tree and Plant Protector  On-Gard! Tree and Plant Protector  
On-Gard! is a two-piece "collar" that fits neatly around the plant base. A 1-1/2-inch wide lip at the top of the protector prevents pests from crawling inside and channels water inside the collar, directly to plant roots. Six vents allow air circulation, and a convenient marker indicates the proper mulch depth. Made from extra-strong plastic, On-Gard! will withstand years of intense, direct sunlight as well as extreme cold.


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