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Florida Marine and High Anti-oxidant Plants for Sale
To Order Call Toll Free: 1-888-752-6882 Local Telephone: (954) 922-2066


Florida Seagrapes for Sale

Dried Material Only

For cosmetic and medicinal research

For crafting and floral design

Coccoloba uvifera

$40.00/pound dehydrated

$70/kilo dehydrated

Plus shipping

< 10% Water Content for long term storage

May be ground or rehydrated for testing or cosmetic preparation


Dried Seagrapes for Cosmetics

Properly dehydrated seagrapes can be stored without development of fruit mold and mildew.

Seagrapes in Cosmetics

Don't be fooled by other plants called seagrapes. Nor is this a relative of the wine grape, Vitis, which turns out by the glass to have very little of the valued resveratrol. There is no reason to assume there is resveratrol in the maritime seagrape scientifically known as Coccoloba uvifera.

About 4 pounds of Dried Seagrapes

This is a bag of about four pounds of dehydrated seagrapes compared with the fresh ripening fruit.

For skin preparations made with Coccoloba uvifera, scientific study is focusing on the small molecule forms of phenols which can be readily absorb into the skin. For now there are many studies extolling the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and free radical destroying virtues of the seagrape.Be ready to take on a word even worse than resveratrol for the next amazing plant miracle-People, what the world needs now are proanthocyanadins.

Studies funded by the French government have shown the fruit of Coccoloba uvifera to be in the top ten of anti-oxidant rich fruits, with concentrations exceeding the Goji berry.


Inside a mold-free bag of properly dried seagrapes,

Coccoloba uvifera

"All the world is God's own Field-
fruit unto his praise we yield."

God Bless Our Seagrapes

Fruit de la mer

Coccoloba uvifera

Florida Seagrapes

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